1.6 hours

Introduction to the Just War Tradition

1.6 hour module

About this module

In this module Dr David Whetham will guide you through the Just War Tradition from its beginnings, through its development, to the challenges it faces in the 21st Century.

Module teachers

Dr David Whetham

Dr David Whetham is Professor of Ethics and the Military Profession at King’s College London, based at the Joint Services Command and Staff College at the UK Defence Academy. He is also the Director of the King’s Centre for Military Ethics.

The Intellectual Context Of The Just War Tradition

16 min

Introduction 4 minutes
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The Origins And Development of the Just War Tradition

17 min

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Contemporary Just War Criteria

35 min

Jus ad Bellum 11 minutes
Jus in Bello 4 minutes
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Challenges for the Just War Tradition in the 21st Century

29 min

Introduction 7 minutes
Conclusion 5 minutes
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