4.7 hours

Cultural Property Protection in Armed Conflict

4.7 hour module

About this module

The course aims to help military commanders, and those interested in working with the military, understand why cultural property is important and how it can be protected during military operations. It will explore how and why cultural property can be damaged or destroyed, as well as practical steps that can be taken to avoid such damage without compromising military effectiveness. It will also explain why Cultural Property Protection is an important military responsibility. The scripts for each section are available upon request if you would like to access the material in a different way.

Module teachers

Emma Cunliffe

Nichole Sheldrick

Section 1 - Introduction to Cultural Property Protection

7 min

In this first section, Drs Cunliffe and Sheldrick introduce themselves and explain how this module has been constructed.

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Section 2 - Understanding Cultural Heritage and Cultural Property

14 min

In this section we will answer the questions: what is cultural property? How is it different to cultural heritage? And why are both of these concepts so important? At the end of this section you will have a deeper understanding of cultural heritage and cultural property, and will be able to recognise and describe it.

Section 2 Video 10 minutes
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Section 3 - Why is CPP important in military operations?

27 min

Section 3 will consider the ethical, legal, and military reasons why cultural property protection is important in military practice.

Section 3 Video 13 minutes
Section 3 Assessment 11 questions
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Section 4 - How is cultural property damaged during conflict?

46 min

In order to protect cultural property, we need to understand how and why it is damaged during conflict.

Section 4 Video 26 minutes
Section 4 Assessment 9 questions
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Section 5 - CPP: Legal Obligations and Responsibilities

41 min

In this section, we will explore the legal obligations of military forces to safeguard and respect cultural heritage and cultural property.

Section 5 Video 23 minutes
Section 5 Assessment 14 questions
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Section 6 - CPP in your mission: the Four Tier Approach

36 min

We’ve covered why cultural property protection matters, what risks it faces, and what your legal obligations are. Now we we’re going to start bringing this all together, exploring what to do about it using a framework called the 4-tier approach. This section will help you to understand the spectrum of cultural property protection activity that can take place in military practice and operations.

Section 6 Video 26 minutes
Section 6 Assessment 8 questions
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Section 7 - CPP in Your Mission: CPP in military decision making

30 min

In this section, we will look at cultural property protection from the perspective of Operational Planning and the decision making process, with a particular focus on the targeting process.

Section 7 Video 20 minutes
Section 7 Assessment 7 questions
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Section 8 - CPP in your mission: A comprehensive approach

41 min

The aim of this section is to help military commanders and other interested parties to be able to consider and respond to threats to cultural property using the four-tier approach as part of operational planning

Section 8 Video 19 minutes
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Section 9 - Looting and illicit trafficking in cultural objects

28 min

The last major topic that we’re going to consider is looting and illicit trafficking. Because they have their own set of laws, and their own set of actions that can aid in countering them, we’re going to deal with looting and trafficking separately here. Nevertheless, bear in mind that many of the points that have been raised in the previous sections will still be equally applicable here.

Section 9 Video 20 minutes
Section 9 Assessment 6 questions
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Section 10 - Some Final Thoughts

11 min

A revue of the course, coordinating CPP activity and key institutions that can assist

Section 10 Video 9 minutes
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