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This page provides some resource for education and training on the topic of military medical ethics. We believe that it is important teach military healthcare workers The principles of ethical practise within the military environment to prepare them for the type of challenges they may face. This includes understanding International Humanitarian Law, specifically the Geneva Conventions and Additional Protocols. There is a robust body of evidence that shows that, in addition to basic knowledge, the use of small group discussion based on practical scenarios is a good way to influence attitudes and behaviours. We have developed at the Centre for Military Ethics a suite of 52 scenarios, grouped into a set of playing cards, to support teaching in Military Ethics and Military Medical Ethics. These are available via this website, on a Smartphone App, and for purchase as a physical deck of cards.

Key references

How you can access the MIlitary (and Medical) Ethics apps

How you can access the MIlitary (and Medical) Ethics apps

Academic Papers

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George Lucas: Ethics, Leadership and Military Professionalism
Military Medical Ethics Education - New Tools.
Military Medical Ethics Education - New Tools

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ZH Center for Military Medical Ethics. MME Scenario Database.