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At the heart of the thinking behind Centre for Military Ethics is the determination to provide an open access, free, quality, research led online resource that can be used by anyone, anywhere, to foster ethical awareness and help promote effective ethical decision making in military environments.

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Whether you are a seasoned ethicist, or completely new to the subject, we've got a module to get your started. This list is always growing, but please let us know if there is an area you would like to learn about.

A Brief Introduction to Military Ethics

Dr David Whetham introduces the King's College Centre for Military Ethics: the basic concepts of military ethics, why military ethics matter, and the organisation of the modules that make up this Military Ethics online course.

Introduction to the Just War Tradition

In this module Dr David Whetham will guide you through the Just War Tradition from its beginnings, through its development, to the challenges it faces in the 21st Century.

Cultural Property Protection in Armed Conflict

The course aims to help military commanders, and those interested in working with the military, understand why cultural property is important and how it can be protected during military operations. It will explore how and why cultural...

Armouring Against Atrocity

This module is designed to take you past the theory and into the gritty world of applied military ethics. In the first two sections we will build a model of why soldiers commit atrocities supported with case studies, then in the following...

An Introduction to International Humanitarian Law

This module provides an introduction to the basic rules and principles of International Humanitarian Law. The module links externally to an online course provided by the International Committee of the Red Cross and then provides detailed...

Jus Post Bellum: Ending War and Ending Wars Well

The theme of this module is the link between winning the war and winning the peace, and how and why one does not always lead to the other.

"Studying the course proved to be one of the best educational experiences ever.

The pace of the presentation was very good , the topics discussed were very interesting and extremely captivating. In my opinion, this should be the first course on the list."

Lt. Col. Teodor Spanu

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